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Alex's Anthology of Algorithms:
Common Code for Contests in Concise C++

A (not so concisely named) collection of concisely implemented algorithms and data structures in C++.
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PEG Judge
Facebook Hacker Cup

As a committee member, I'm mainly responsible for the whimsical backstories behind many of its problem statements.

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PEG Judge
PEG Online Judge

A site that holds a great deal of sentimental value for the group of gurus I grew up with. The entire repository (including hundreds of our original programming puzzles) has now migrated to DMOJ.

Visit the PEG Judge at and DMOJ at

Woburn Challenge

The Woburn Challenge was a tradition of my high school programming club since the 90s, running for a decade before it was discontinued. In 2015, several alumni helped me relaunch it to promote high school CS enrichment.

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